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Tell Me About The 4

Our 4 Key Guiding Values

4EOS has built our business and our reputation by adhering to these guiding "4" principles.

We follow The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

As a Managed Service Provider 4EOS partners with our clients to provide onsite/offsite/remote support.

It is an easy statement to say, an easy statement to read and we feel it is an easy statement to fullfil. We've built a 'great' team, one 'great' person at a time. Honesty, integrity, dependability, diligence, respect, empathy and sincerity are not words used to gain political favor, they are not superficial words to make sales, they are the foundational seeds that make up each member of 4EOS. We are proud of ourselves and the way we conduct business and so are our customers. While it is easy to talk about having 'great' qualities, we are ready to meet with you and your company to back up our claims.

We are constantly training and getting better at what we do.

Continual Training

Our clients have come to rely on 4EOS to provide state of the art solutions, super fast and super organized and it is due in large part to our strong commitment to study. Our team undergoes continual computer science training in a variety of areas to ensure we never fall behind the technology times. We are continually seeking high quality, high moral character, computer scientists who demonstrate a history of continual education.

We believe in structured, accountable and accredited training which demands each of us to put forth serious effort to achieve our educational goals. Each of our technologists is responsible for taking residual courses which test our understanding, problem assessment and solution implementation skills.

Visit 4EOS Technology Certifications page to learn more about our committment to continued computer science study, training and testing.

4EOS is very active in the Fort Wayne Community.

Community Contributions

4EOS is committed to the greater Fort Wayne community. Our motives are sincere; we believe in giving back to the community that has given all of us the opportunity to work in a field we sincerely love. Our commitment to helping the greater Fort Wayne community has increased yearly since our business began. Each of us feels a deep sense of satisfaction when we are able to make an impact on others lives. We certainly welcome charities and or local good works organizations to contact us with any suggestions or ideas of how we can extend our contributions to the Fort Wayne and surrounding communities.

Customer care is number 1 at 4EOS

Diligent Care of Our Clients

Our philosophy is quite simple; focus on keeping our clients happy and let the rest fall into place. In fact, the majority of our clients are referrals from current clients. While we could have easily spent money on sales and marketing over the last decade plus, we've stayed true to our commitment to the customer and invested in our products and services. Improving our capacity, our efficiency and ultimately passing those benefits, savings and improvements onto our customers has been our secret to success.

In a world with increasingly more information being thrown at each of us daily, it is often too easy for technical people to hide behind the email address and computer. Our team is carefully constructed to ensure the highest level of computer science talent and passion, but they must be personable. We represent the technology firm that prefers to meet you in person, look you in the eyes, shake your hand and provide the intent listening necessary to truly help businesses solve existing problems.

"Does this person personify the 4 key values that guide 4EOS?"

Referrences available upon request. Contact 4EOS today for a prompt and courteous response.