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Information Technology Solutions

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Information Technology Solutions

We are in the initial stages of a computer revolution, and one thing is for certain; technology has become as fundamental to business as concrete is to the foundation of a home. In nearly every manner of business today, the computer and networking computers is no longer the luxury of enterprise business, but the reality of businesses across the board.

The Problem

As businesses have come to find time and time again, hiring internal employees to handle the ever changing sophisticated technology can be hit or miss. How does the expert of industry in the production and sales of [insert business here] know how to evaluate technology people? How do they track, measure and improve their technology people? The problem is most business owners do not have the expertise to properly hire, train and nurture technology people, therefore the idea of hiring technology savvy individuals internally comes with the risk of 'hit or miss'.

The Solution

4EOS represents the best option for businesses who wish to focus on what they do well and have our team do what we do well. We are an aspiring group of highly trained computer scientists, hardware and software engineers and business management professionals. We are interested in long term relations with clients and that starts by properly evaluating and understanding your current business processes, what you'd like to achieve, where you are now and then planning, designing and implementing custom tailored IT solutions that fit perfectly for your business. Outsourcing competent technology people offers the "hit" option every time with 4EOS, providing your business state of the art solutions to your technology needs.

Your business is too important to too many people for the 'hit or miss' game. Here are just a few 4EOS specialties:

  • Technology planning and assessment of existing systems

  • Windows and Apple system administration and implementation

  • Hardware and software planning and installation

  • Network infrastructure planning and installation

  • Routing/Remote Access/Firewalls

  • On and off-site backup systems; disaster recovery planning

  • IT security planning, management, and auditing

Contact 4EOS today and let's chat about your business, your business goals and what we at 4EOS can do to help you achieve those goals.

lightbulb_outline Information Technology

4EOS is a Full-Service IT Firm, offering a complete complement of products and services. Below is a partial listing of what 4EOS can

build  Hardware Support

4EOS offers comprehensive hardware support throughout the region of Northeast Indiana with on-site, guaranteed response time service agreements for all your computer hardware. Our technicians can quickly diagnose and resolve problems ranging from the simplest desktop environments to the most complex enterprise systems. For a cost-effective hardware support proposal for your business, contact 4EOS

library_add Disaster Recovery

4EOS specializes in both on-site and off-site backup and disaster recovery systems. Let us leverage our experience as well as our state-of-the-art data center to your advantage to keep your data, and most importantly, your business safe.