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Managed Hosted Services - The Cloud

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Managed Hosted Services - The Cloud

4EOS offers several different hosted solutions through our sister company SafeHouse DataCenter. 4EOS can assist your organization with the following hosted services:

Hosted Exchange – Hosted Exchange offers business-grade email, calendar and contacts. Fully integrated and fully mobile, our service unlocks the full power of Outlook to make your business more competitive and agile. It's a key component of our Office in the Cloud suite.

Hosted Server/Cloud Networking - Virtualization is a great way to boost performance and save money while increasing the scalability and flexibility of your enterprise system. Cloud servers bridge the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. They allow customers to have an independent solution at a lower cost than deploying physical, dedicated servers. Cloud servers typically deployed on a smaller scale than cloud computing and is often the first step toward virtualization for companies.

With 4EOS Cloud Servers, we're able to deliver resources, applications and servers when and where they're needed. You don't need to buy costly, individual servers. Instead, you'll access our infrastructure for capacity on demand. With that added feature, you don't have to worry about ramping up your IT operations to deploy new applications or respond to changing market conditions. 4EOS Cloud Server options create an efficient, dynamic IT environment for your company.

DaaS / BYOD - Desktops as a Service and Bring your own Device frees your workers and their workstations, providing unfettered mobility, while ensuring security for those who want to use their own device.

DaaS / BYOD allows your desktop to go with you. Your desktop becomes a virtual device that you can access securely anytime and anywhere from your tablet, laptop, netbook, thin client, smartphone and more.

Remote Backups / Disaster Recovery- Every organization has critical data that it can’t live without. When a disaster strikes, how long can your business survive without access to its critical data? Weeks? Days? Hours? Minutes?

4EOS provides businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level data protection with a cost-effective offline/online backup service. With our offline/online backup, we can take the pressure of maintaining your business records off your shoulders. 4EOS can make your life easier and give you the peace of mind that you need by delivering best in class backup methods.