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Managed Services Provider

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Managed Services Provider

As a Managed Service Provider 4EOS partners with our clients to provide onsite/offsite/remote support. 4EOS takes a very proactive approach to our network maintenance agreements.All clients are assigned primary and secondary technicians. 4EOS also creates our maintenance agreements to include scheduled onsite visits, by having a technician onsite this allows 4EOS the ability to understand our users and help predict their needs and urgency. 4EOS truly partners with our clients and prides ourselves on being part of their team working side by side for the success of the company.

As a 4EOS maintenance client your company is also enrolled in our network monitoring system. This system allows 4EOS to monitor all aspects of your IT environment, our staff will be automatically alerted in the event of imminent failures as well as predefinend failure points. By having this system in place the 4EOS staff can proactively address your IT needs before they become an issue that affects company productivity.

4EOS maintenance clients also have the option to maintain their account via the 4EOS portal. This client portal allows our clients the ability to enter new tickets for support, check on invoices, review a FAQ about their environment and also run reports of service requests.

  • 4EOS integrates with your business and your personnel so that we become a part of your team
  • Together we develop a schedule to address your system requirements
  • 4EOS can offer solutions that range from unlimited support to invoicing per hour
  • Professional